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The Border Collie “Eye”

Wink, a 15 week old blue merle border collie, shows us his different herding eyes as he tries to control the red ball. Okay some of these might not be used for herding but they sure are cute!


TC – Tribute to a Tabby We All Miss

TC made you smile – it was as simple as that. He moved slowly but commanded respect from the dozen or so furry neighbors in his quiet country estate. You would often find him taking the place of the missing hood ornament on an old Chevy pickup or heading into the neighbors house for some food that was not entirely his. He was a gentle giant of a tabby and he will be missed by many. Shortly after posing for these portraits, TC crawled his way into his favorite neighbor’s house, found a comfortable back room and curled up for the last time. Although cancer took him from us, these few images help us remember just how much he touched our lives. TC, you will be missed.